Thursday, January 29, 2009

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  1. r u have any treatment for final stage aids person

  2. Do u have any cure for Glioblastoma Grade 4?

  3. my father is a patient of Glioblastoma Grade 4.... it is recurrent tumor..,doctors have refused for further traetment.. kindly help us

  4. is there any treatment for non-hodgkin lymphoma , large diffused b cell type in stomach ( git & kidney ). kindly reply urgently
    mail id :
    mb. 09896970027

  5. hello sir i m alka my father is a patient of cancer(left lower alveolus).it recurr after radiation and chemo.Dr are now giving Zexate injection .Kindly suggest me is there any treatment in ayurved my id is reply uegently


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  7. My mother has a lung cancer stage 4.Do you have any treatment for that? Kindly reply at

  8. my father has tongue cancer on front side of tongue.After surgery it has been removed but with in two month it has been again on back side of tongue.Now Radio and kemo is going on But it is very tough.Is Any other treatment for it?

    kamlesh Kamal

  9. Hello Dr.
    My mother is a cancer patient,she is suffering from breast cancer and her right breast was operated and removed 4 years ago 15 cycles of Chemo therapy was performed but no relief till date,she is now facing breathing problem,some water was also deposited in her lungs which then removed in LUCKNOW CANCER HOSPITAL,pls suggest if there is any treament so that she gets cure.pls reply on my mail id

    Sachin Verma

  10. Is there any medicine for tongue cancer

  11. visit
    There is something called budwig protocol.
    for tongue cancer - sodium bicarbonate with honey in 1:3 ratio can be taken 3-4 teaspoons per day. please visit and post your query.
    my email -

  12. I am suffering with tongue cancer in IV sage as per anchology expert. I am unterested in cheamotherophy and radiotion . o if there is any treatment to cure my problem please inform. I have unbarable pain from tonsils to ear to leat sid side part where the tongue is infected.. .pleasae help me

  13. Hellow sir,
    My friend is a cancer patient she is suffering from blood cancer(last stage).Do u have any treatment for that. kindly suggest me if there is any treat ment in ayurved so that she gets cure.plz reply on my id
    kindly reply urgently

  14. do you have any treatment for carcinoma prostate with metastasis vertebra kindly reply urgently
    bindu jain

  15. my mother have uterus cancer. plz tell me about cure of uterus cancer by Ayurveda. my e-mail

  16. do u have any treatment for liver cirrhosis ..once gone for vaiceal bleeding.....???

  17. Hi,
    My Mom is suffering from breast cancer , spread to liver. She had breast removal last year but now it has spread to liver. She is on chemo now. Is there any treatment which can cure it without much side effects.Please mail at

  18. sir,
    my mother is suffering from brain tumor glioma. we operated it six month ago by radiation thereopy and chemotherapy . but last 10-12 days she have a problem to move due to her right leg weakness. i want to know what is the process of your treatment please send me all detail to my my email id is

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  20. hello my mother is suffering in brain metastatic.... her tretment possible??????????????

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